XL Bumble Bee Jasper Butterfly Wings

XL Bumble Bee Jasper Butterfly Wings

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♥ Hand carved, hand polished, natural crystals, there might be imperfections, if you cannot accept imperfections, please do not purchase

♥ A thin layer of wax has been applied to the surface of the bumble bee jasper wings to make the carving less likely to break, this is because bumble bee jasper is very fragile, this method is applied to most carvings of this material in the market. Natural crystals guaranteed, natural color

♥ Weight labeled is the weight with the stand

♥ Please be VERY careful when you handle the wings, when you receive the wings, you will need to assemble the stand by yourself, when you put the wings on the stand, please be very careful not to drop it and damage it

♥ The stand can be manually adjusted, when you put the wings on the stand and the 2 wings don't look very symmetrical to you, just manually adjust the wing holders by yourself


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